SANTE Technology

Cima NanoTech developed the patented SANTE technology, a nanoparticle conductive coating that self-assembles into a random mesh-like network when coated onto a substrate. This unique proprietary formula enables high performance transparent conductors for applications like large format touch screens, capacitive sensors, EMI shielding, transparent heating, transparent antennas, OLED lighting, wearables, electrochromic, photovoltaic and many more.

SANTE® transparent conductive films (TCFs) are manufactured by wet coating the SANTE® conductive coating on PET via a cost-efficient, commercial roll-to-roll manufacturing process. The coating cures to form a random conductive mesh-like pattern that possesses high transparency at very low surface resistance and is mechanically flexible.

What Challenge Does SANTE Technology Address?

TCFs is a high-growth market that enable touch capabilities in mobile phones, tablets, laptops and all-in-one monitors. Today, over 90% of the market adopts Indium Tin Oxide-based (ITO) TCFs. Unfortunately, ITO is brittle and can be costly depending on the fluctuating price of indium. Additionally, achieving superior conductivity at high transparency is challenging for ITO due to the physics of the material. New applications and emerging market trends like (a) large-sized devices, (b) flexible and curved displays, (c) thinness, (d) low-cost, and (e) simplified supply chain are changing the requirement landscape, stretching it beyond what the incumbent ITO can achieve. The unique characteristics of SANTE technology makes it an ideal material for bridging the gap between market demand and technological capabilities.

High Conductivity

– Low surface resistance that is more than 10X better than Indium Tin Oxide (ITO)

Excellent Optics

– High transparency
– Non-moiré


– Withstands flexing, stretching, tension and torsion
– Thermoformable and moldable into 3D curved surfaces


– Conductive network can be transferred onto a variety of substrates, enabling new conductive materials (e.g. PET, polycarbonate, glass, silicone


– Films manufactured via wet coating, roll-to-roll process
– Low wastage


– Uniform conductivity
– Stable at high current density

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