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Cima NanoTech is a smart nanomaterials company delivering high performance, next-generation transparent conductors. Our company developed the proprietary SANTE® nanoparticle technology, an innovative conductive coating that self-assembles into a random mesh-like network when coated onto a substrate. Our technology enables transparent conductors with excellent electrical conductivity, high transparency and flexibility, making it an ideal conductive material for new, emerging markets like large format multi-touch screens, (proximity) capacitive sensors, transparent antennas, wearables, transparent microwave and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, OLED lighting, transparent heating, and many others.

Cima NanoTech is headquarted in St. Paul, Minnesota and has a second Asia headquarters in Singapore to be closer to its customers in Asia. Our Applications Development Labs are located in the United States, Israel, Japan, Korea and Singapore. We also have Sales and Business Development Centers in the United States, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. Our Core Manufacturing Facilities are in Israel, Japan, Korea and the United States, and we work with preferred strategic coating partners globally.

“Cima NanoTech” and “SANTE” are registered trademarks of Cima NanoTech, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Global Presence

Cima NanoTech established its North America and Europe headquarter in St. Paul, Minnesota and Asia headquarter in Singapore.

Our Applications Development Labs are located in the United States, Israel, Japan, Korea and Singapore.

We have Sales and Business Development Centers in the United States, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China.

Our Core Manufacturing Facilities are in Israel, Japan, Korea and the United States, and we work with preferred strategic coating partners globally.

Partners & Distributors

Cima NanoTech understands that establishing excellent partnerships is key to our success.  The company has established strong partner networks in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Israel, and the United States.

We currently collaborate with partners for R&D research in nanotechnology, materials, processes and applications. The company also works with manufacturing partners for the coating of our silver nanoparticle network and with strategic partners for distribution, converting and customer support.

If you are interested in being our strategic, R&D or manufacturing partner, please fill out the contact form and a representative from our team will get in touch with you.

Thanks in advance for your interest in working with Cima NanoTech!


Jon Brodd


Jon Brodd founded Cima NanoTech Inc. in 2003 and the company was recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer in 2008. Jon developed Cima NanoTech into a global company, establishing and driving international collaborations in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Israel and the United States, as well as manufacturing partnerships with leading industrial companies.

Prior to establishing Cima NanoTech, Jon was the team leader for the development of IR multi-layer optical films in 3M. He was also a leading member of 3M’s Nano-Scale Multi-Layer Optical Films (MOF) Strategic Steering Committee and led international teams of scientist, engineers and business managers to develop and launch Nano-Scale MOF products in major markets globally. Prior to 3M, Jon was a partner in an M&A firm, has travelled and worked abroad for over 30 years. He holds an MBA in Marketing and Strategic Management from the University of Minnesota, and continued education at Stanford University.

Choo Beng Lor


Choo Beng Lor has more than 15 years of accounting experience, including 6 years with a Big 4 accounting firm. Prior to heading Cima NanoTech, he was a senior executive of multi-national corporations and public-listed companies. Choo has taken 3 companies public on the Hong Kong and Singapore Exchanges. Choo is a Chartered Accountant of Singapore, and graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy (Honours).

Kelly Ingham


Kelly Ingham has more than 12 years of experience as a Senior Marketing Executive at start-up companies and multi-nationals. Prior to joining Cima NanoTech, Ingham was leading 3M’s New Business Development for Asia Pacific in LED technology, LCD optical films, projection systems, transportation, and medical devices. Ingham graduated from Cornell University with an MBA in Strategy and Marketing.

Thomas Chang


Thomas Chang has over 15 years of experience in technology solution sales, key account management, business development, channel management, product marketing, and executive sales management. He spent the majority of his distinguished career with 3M, servicing the electrical/electronic industry. Prior to joining Cima Nanotech, he was responsible for creating and growing an effective distribution channel for Sensys Networks Inc., a pioneer in wireless vehicle detection and traffic data systems.

Dr. Arkady Garbar


Arkady Garbar holds a Ph.D. in Inorganic Physical Chemistry at the Verdansky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow and an M.S. in Chemistry from Moscow State University. His expertise includes the synthesis, high purification and processing of substances for electronics and optoelectronics applications.

Dr. YongwooShin


Yongwoo Shin specializes in photovoltaic and film applications in flat panel displays.Prior to joining Cima NanoTech, Shin was Director and Head of R&D in the solar energy division of CU Electronics in Korea. Shin was also a Senior Manager of New Business Development in Hanwha Chemical Company in Korea. Shin holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Lehigh University.

Zach Frenkel


Zach Frenkel has a background in operations and project management, with experience in the chemical and plastics industry. Heholds a degree in industrial engineering from Technion University.

Tatsuo Sugiura


Tatsuo Sugiura-san brings many years of electronics and industrial experience to the team. Prior to joining Cima NanoTech,he was General Manager of Electric and Circuit Materials Department and General Manager of Electronics and Information Materials Department at Toray Industries, Inc.

Carolyn Bates


Carolyn Bates was previously Assistant Chief Intellectual Property Counsel at 3M and also served as General Counsel of Imation Corp from 1996 to 1998. She has over 30 years of experience in the practice of intellectual property litigation and international contracts.

Hideo Nozu


Hideo Nozu has over 40 years of technical management experience in adhesives, advanced digital media recording and corporate laboratories. Prior to joining Cima NanoTech, and in his role as Vice-President of Corporate Technical and Environment Management with Sumitomo 3M, Nozu played an integral role in empowering his Japan team in new product development. He is a member of the Engineering Academy of Japan, as well as the Japan Center for Technology Management. Nozu holds a degree in synthetic chemistry from Kyoto University.

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