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Transparent Conductive SANTE™


Download | Transparent Conductive SANTE™ Cima NanoTech partners with Korean Manufacturer CNF to mass produce
Transparent Conductive SANTE™ PET Films

Date: 6 February 2012

Cima NanoTech, an advanced materials company and developer of proprietary nanomaterial technology for electronics fabrication, has announced a partnership agreement with CNF Co., Ltd of Korea to mass produce its pioneering SANTE™ Film.

The collaboration establishes CNF as a partner for the commercialization and mass production of Cima’s new line of Transparent Conductive PET SANTE Films which enables innovative applications for EMI shielding, flat panel displays, photovoltaics, touch screens, LED, and OLED solid state lighting.

Jon Brodd, CEO of Cima, said CNF’s broad experience with coating display materials allows them to mass produce Cima’s unique flexible conductive films that are unparalleled in electrical conductivity and transparency and offer exciting new possibilities for the industry. “This supply and distribution agreement builds on our strategy to expand our business exponentially worldwide and will increase both companies position in the rapidly expanding transparent conductive film market,” Brodd said.

CNF’s CEO Seung-Ik Roh said his company has quickly invested in the development of coating and converting technology that led to success in mass-producing the cleaner and greener, SANTE™ Product. He predicted that his company’s coating expertise and Cima’s SANTE™ Technology “will provide a leap forward in the global transparent conductive market.”

By leveraging the distribution channels of both companies, the arrangement will make Cima’s first commercial application of advanced nanoparticle and coating more widely available. With the breadth and quality of CNF’s production activities, Cima looks forward to exploring more opportunities worldwide.

About Cima NanoTech, Inc.

Cima NanoTech is an advanced materials company that has developed proprietary nanomaterial technology for electronics fabrication. These materials enable increased performance in concert with faster, cleaner, and cheaper manufacturing processes, resulting in more environmentally friendly, next-generation technology. Cima NanoTech has business development centers in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the U.S., and Singapore that enable close, local partnerships with electronics manufacturers worldwide. Its wholly owned subsidiary, Cima NanoTech, Israel, Ltd., located in Caesarea, Israel, is the Company’s R&D center and production facility. Production is also done at contract manufacturing facility in Hiroshima, Japan. Additional company and product details available at:

About CNF Co., Ltd

CNF Co., Ltd is a professional coating company for display materials in Korea who has been the market leader in supplying optical films, special coated separator and reflector sheeting for LCD BLU industries. To enhance its coating business, it has partnered with Cima NanoTech, Inc. and has achieved great success in developing a new Transparent Conductive PET Film using pioneering SANTETM Technology. For more information, please visit: